Keeka's Kiddoz, LLC.


I love helping the Kiddoz create memories for their families using arts and crafts while incorporating something about the child - art projects with their hand and foot prints, or unforgettable quotes by the kids are great memories to cherish. While caring for your children, my nannies and I will help teach them their colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet in creative and active ways. They will go exploring outside to learn about sounds, textures, and animals. It's nice to slow down and see the world how a child sees and hears it. How often do we miss the rustling of the leaves because we are so used to its sound? Children want to know how the wind will make leaves move and investigate the noise that it makes; learn about the changes rain can make to flowers and plants; and creating different shapes while building snow castles – all while being active and learning! I think children learn so much from being hands on, read to, sung to, and talked to in a conversational matter.


Here is an older photo of my daughter (the baby! Ava wasn’t here yet!) and my niece and nephews... Family is so important, as is making our clients and nannies feel like family. Please know we do everything in our power to distract them upon your departure (especially if they're known for crying when you go!) and have them in good spirits upon your return.